Book Review, “When Bad Christians Happen To Good People,” David Burchett, Author


When Bad Christians Happen To Good People, written by David Burchett, is a book that brings to the surface a common problem within the church today: Christians who bring difficulties into the lives of other Christians.

Many Christians have the unwanted ability to share stories of how they were wrongly treated by other Christians or the church as a whole, but the majority of these circumstances pale in comparison to the experiences of the Burchett family.

The Burchetts understand suffering at the hands of the church first hand. David and Joni’s daughter, Katie, was born with a severe birth defect that meant soon coming certain death. They had to make drastic adjustments to their family life to accommodate an infant that they knew would not be with them for long.

Was the church there for them in this their greatest hour of need up to that point? NO. In fact, the church made their circumstances worse. The church made their pain almost unbearable. Fearing their daughter Katie might die during a church service or somehow affect the health of the other children, it was decided that she was no longer welcome in the church nursery.

Throughout the pages of this book, David doesn’t just share horror stories and leave us leave us holding the problems in our hands with no idea of what to do about them. He offers solutions and guidance on how we can change our ways to become the kind of Christ-followers who would make others want to follow Christ as well.

This book is an amazing read. Thus it is a recommended read by all Christians seeking a more powerful understanding and focus on the movement of God within their lives.

Dr. Jeff Krupinski

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