1/5/13 Daily Devotion

Psalm 119:158-159 I look on the faithless with loathing, for they do not obey your word. [159] See how I love your precepts; preserve my life, Lord, in accordance with your love.

There are many aspects of Christianity where we must be found to be faithful, but there is one that it vitally crucial to our daily lives. As Christians, we must be faithful to the studying of God’s Word. Without the Word of God, we shall lose many battles against the schemes of the Devil. Without a daily commitment to the Word of God, we will become engulfed by the world. The Word of God gives us strength to walk through each day. The Word of God gives us courage to face our fears. The Word of God gives us power to stand up for our beliefs. The Word of God is a tool that we, as Christians, must delve into everyday, or we shall surely suffer the consequences.

Prayer Starter:

Lord, bring the power of Your Word into my life as I open it and absorb what it has to teach me today.

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