5/22/13 Daily Devotion

Acts 7:1 Then the high priest asked Stephen, “Are these charges true?”

Members of the Synagogue of the Freedmen came to oppose the teachings of Stephen. They tried arguing with him but found it to be very difficult to stand up against the wisdom God had given to him. The only other option was to devise a plan to prevent him from teaching. They convinced some people to bring false claims of blasphemy against him and thus stir up the crowd. Eventually, Stephen was arrested and brought before the Sanhedrin. Stephen was made aware of the charges and asked about their truthfulness. A this point, Stephen had a choice. He could try to word things in such a manner that it would serve to aid in his release, or he could speak the truth no matter the consequences. Stephen powerfully spoke the truth, and, for that, he was dragged out and stoned to death. Sometimes, we refrain from speaking the truth because we are afraid of the consequences. This is an act of cowardice. We must be willing to share the honest truth with the correct motives, or we will have to answer, no matter the consequences. The truth might cause some friends to leave. The truth might cause some people to be hurt. The truth might cause us some unwanted pain, but the truth shall set us free.

Prayer Starter:

Lord, help me see the necessity behind sharing the truth with the right motives.

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