Book Review, “Losing Your Faith, Finding Your Soul,” David Robert Anderson, Author


Losing Your Faith, Finding Your Soul: A Guide To Rebirth When Old Beliefs Die, written by David Robert Anderson, is a book that strives to guide its readers through finding a way through their spiritual deficits, back into a real and powerful faith.

I will begin this review by stating a simple fact: I love to read. I am, in regards to my reading choices, a realist. I enjoy reading books that are designed to guide me into a deeper relationship with Christ over the fantasy or sci-fi publications.

That stated, this publication, for me, was a very difficult read. I found myself rereading numerous sections multiple times in an effort to rekindle my thoughts, because they seem to have become lost within the wording of paragraphs that followed.

The content/subject matter of this book is necessary within today’s society, for many have lost touch with what was once a powerful faith within, but I am not sure comparing a powerful focused faith to an athlete’s perception of “being in the zone” is a justifiable representation of our faith and/or relationship with God.

While I found this book lacking in keeping my attention, I am sure it has the capability to reach many who are willing to turn its pages. My recommendation is as follows: When this publication is released, go to a local bookstore, grab a cup of whatever works for you, sit down, and read a few chapters. Following that time, then decide for yourself if this is something you should purchase or place back on the shelf.

Dr. Jeff Krupinski

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