Book Review, “You’ll Get Through This,” Max Lucado, Author


You’ll Get Through This: Hope And Help For Your Turbulent Times, written by Max Lucado, is a book that helps it reader understand that trials and tribulations can be overcome and utilized for growth.

To all of our lives, adversity will arrive. While life would be better without trials, difficulties and/or trials are an ever present part of our existence upon this earth. But these moments do not have to take over our lives, our thinking, or drastically alter the paths in which we are walking. In this publication, Max looks at some of these difficult moments of life and shares examples of how God can use them for His glory and the strengthening of our faith.

For its Biblical inspiration, this publication focuses on the difficulties in the life of Joseph. Being sold into slavery by his older brothers, wrongfully imprisoned in Egypt, forgotten, scorned, and mistreated, makes Joseph’s story the perfect example of how God can utilize the difficulties of life and use them for our good and His glory.

The impact of this publication cannot be overstated. Thus it is a recommended purchase/read for anyone who has or is currently walking through one of life’s struggles.

Dr. Jeff Krupinski

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  1. I just heard Max Lucado speak at the AACC conference that my counselor husband and I attended. Wonderful! He focused on this book and the truth within it of God uses our struggles for his good purposes.

    • It’s a small world. I also attended the AACC conference in Nashville. I was excited to hear Max talk about this book knowing that I was asked to write a review from the publisher. The book is a great blessing, as is all of his writing.

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