Book Review, “The Global War On Christians,” John Allen, Author


The Global War On Christians: Dispatches From The Front Lines Of Anti-Christian Persecution, John L. Allen Jr., author, is a publication centered around helping its readers understand the severity of persecution on those who hold to the Christian faith.

We have become very religiously complacent within the United States. A major persecution to us is the fight for the right to display a nativity on a public or governmental plot of land. While this is important, throughout the world Christians are being severely persecuted and /or killed because of their willingness to take a stand for the gospel, for their willingness to spread the gospel.

Christians abroad are facing societal discrimination in that they are, in many cases, forced to accept or follow beliefs that are contrary to their own. They are facing institutional discrimination, in that they are being denied zoning permits to build churches or to be able to designate existing buildings as places of worship. They are facing employment discrimination, in that they are denied jobs because of their faith in God. They are facing legal discrimination, in that they are being denied access to the courts and/or legal representation when they are charged with a crime. They are facing all the afore mentioned and so much more.

As Christians striving to serve God, we must become more aware of the persecution of believers around the world, and that is the premiss of the publication. If you believe in the global expansion of the gospel, this publication is a must read. While it is very verbose, it offers information that one might not find anywhere else at this time.

Dr. Jeff Krupinski

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