Book Review, “My Time With Grandma”


My Time With Grandma: Bible Storybook, written by Phil A. Smouse, illustrated by Ela Jarzabek, is a delightful publication that strives to offer many special, Biblically orientated, moments between a Grandma and her grandchild/grandchildren.

The illustrations in this publication are amazing. They are some of the best illustrated depictions of Biblical stories I have ever had the opportunity to observe. They bring each chosen story to life in a manner that almost makes them appear to be three dimensional.

The Biblical stories that are utilized are perfect for the purpose of this publication.They offer a bit of action, a dose of faithfulness and the pathway to salvation. They are shared in a manner that makes them understandable to the majority of the absorbing ears and open hearts sitting upon their grandmother’s lap.

Included with each story is a brief Love Note From Grandma and a Love note From God. The note from grandma utilizes the story that was just read and adds to it a small amount of directional instruction, while the note from God offers scripture of inspiration and illustration to fortify the story.

This wonderful publication offers a glorious opportunity for a grandmother to share with her grandchild/grandchildren their time and their Lord, thus this would make a wonderful purchase or gift for any grandparent.

Dr. Jeff Krupinski

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