Bible Review, “NIV Teen Study Bible”


The NIV Teen Study Bible, published by Zondervan, is a uniquely designed Bible that boasts of its ability to help its reader keep in step with all God has done, all He is doing, and all that He will do within this world.

This Bible contains many unique features that a geared towards a teenager’s life. These features include sections entitled as follows: We Believe, Panorama, To The Point, Dear Jordan, Key Indexes, Instant Access, Bible Promises, Book introductions, Q&A, and What Do I Read Today. Yes, many Bibles have these or similar features, but these are geared specifically towards today’s teenager.

While this is a well presented publication, there are some things that, at least to me, take away from the power it could possess. The words of Jesus are not in red letter. This feature, especially for its declared audience, the teenager, is important. For a young man or young woman seeking to find Christ or beginning their journey with Christ, knowing exactly, through a red letter edition, what Jesus said would make their journey a little easier.

Another questionable aspect, at least to me, is the section entitled Dear Jordan. Some of the questions asked and answered seem to be pushing the envelope, so to say. They are touching only slightly and inconclusively on topics that would be better understood or discovered though a group Bible study.

All that said and declared, this is a wonderful Bible, but it should not be purchased blindly. Grab it off the shelf at your local bookstore/coffee house and check it out, thus giving yourself the opportunity to make a more deeply informed decision.

Dr. Jeff Krupinski

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