Book Review, The Whole Hearted Wife, Erin, Greg & Gary Smalley, Authors


The Whole Hearted Wife: 10 Keys To A More Loving Relationship, written by Erin, Greg & Gary Smalley, is a book that strives to encourage a more loving and inspirational marriage relationship.

Backed by scripture and filled with powerful messages, the Smalley’s have been enhancing marriages for many years. Their timeless understanding of what it takes to grow in Christ and within the marriage unit have changed millions of marriages for the glory of God.

This current publication, written mostly by Erin Smalley, targets women who are interested in improving and enhancing their relationships with their spouses. Given the divorce rate within society today, this is a book that can surely make a difference.

To bring a point of realism to this book, Erin utilizes the personal struggles that festered within her own marriage and family relationships. Thus no one can state, as happens with many books, that what she provided is good advice from someone who does not clearly understand the topic.

Within each chapter, the topic discussed places its emphasis first on the wife and how she can change her life for the better, followed by how to approach the husband. The ending joins both the role of the man and wife in regard to God and how they can work together in unity for the sake of their relationship.

The ten keys involve honoring, nourishing, accepting differences, connecting spiritually, communicating, joining sexually, resolving conflict, defusing anger, forgiving, and transforming trials into blessings, reiterating in the conclusion that a more loving relationship begins individually.

This publication is a wonderful tool that will enhance any marriage relationship, thus it is a recommended purchase for a newly married couple, a couple struggling with their marriage, or an engaged couple getting ready to walk into the wonderful mystery that is marriage.

Dr. Jeff Krupinski

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