12/23/14 Daily Devotion

Malachi 3:8 “Will a man rob God? Yet you rob me.“But you ask, ‘How do we rob you?’“In tithes and offerings.

How do you rob God? Has that question ever come to mind? Have you ever considered that you were acting contrary to scripture in regards to the manner with which you give your time, efforts, and/or finances to God and His church? Most of us would never think that we have robbed God,;but if we are not giving to Him as is called for in scripture, we most certainly are robbing God. The people of God back in Malachi’s day were not honoring God with their tithes and offerings, so they were dishonoring Him by withholding more than just appropriate finances. They were not giving properly of their resources or time. They were expected to present 10 percent of whatever they had to God, ten percent of the best they had to offer. For some that was finances, for others it was from their crops, and for others it came from their herds. God expects the best of what we have to offer: the best of our finances, the best of our time, the best of our resources. How do you rob God of that which He is deserving?

Prayer Starter:

Lord, find me willing to give to You what You alone deserve: the best of my time, my resources, and my efforts.

Dr. Jeff Krupinski

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