Book Review: The Matheny Manifesto

The Matheny Manifesto: A Young Manager’s Old-School Views On Success in Sports and life, Written By: Mike Matheny w/Jerry B. Jenkins, Published By: Random House, is a publication that strives to share the importance of a proper perspective on life.

In this publication Mike shares his thoughts on coaching baseball and how these philosophies carry over into everyday life. He powerfully demonstrates that character is more important than winning on any level of the game. This is a trait that was passed done by his parents and shared by his fellow coaches. He writes, “Our role as coaches is not just to build up the scoreboard but also to build up our players so that they become character-filled leaders who will have an impact on those around them.”

Mike also demonstrates the importance of the parent-child relationship. He writes, “My dad would put in long hours operating heavy machinery……..He’d come home covered with dirt, and you could tell all he wanted to do was get cleaned up and relax. But he would always grab a glove and go play catch with me and my brother or throw batting practice for us. He never turned us down.”

The part that will appeal to some and be scorned on by many others is Mike’s correlation between his faith, his life, his career as a catcher/coach in the majors and his time as a coach of little leaguers. He does this so well and does not hold back.

This book is a recommended purchase for the sports enthusiast, but even more importantly for the Christian seeking a firm example of the courage they can have to stand firm in their faith in all circumstances, in all situations.

Dr. Jeff Krupinski

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