Daily Devotion 3/5/15

Acts 4:28 They did what your power and will had decided beforehand should happen. 

We don’t know the future. We try to understand what will happen. We try to prepare for its arrival, but we can’t definitively determine the outcome of the future. While we can’t know the definitive future, there is One that can, God. God knows everything. He knows what will happen to us each and every day of our lives. He knows what we will choose to wear each morning. He knows where we will choose to travel throughout our day. He knows what we will eat at each meal. He knows our present and our future, but He also knows our past. He knows when we have been on the incorrect path in life. He knows when we have made bad decisions, and He is willing to forgive us of these infractions, allowing us to move forward forgiven and changed. Even knowing our daily path, our daily choices, Jesus would have still gone to the cross to pave the way for our forgiveness and our future.

Prayer Starter:

Lord, help me embrace Your forgiveness and love, allowing it to flow in my life and out into this world.

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