Book Review: Praying Upside Down


Praying Upside Down: A Creative Prayer Experience To Transform Your Time With God, written by Kelly O’Dell Stanley, is a publication that strives to help it readers recreate their prayer life, transforming it into something that will transform their lives.

Kelly brings forth her own personal experiences/stories as lessons to demonstrate how God taught her to create a different prayer life, one that caused her to look at prayer differently, one that caused her to look at prayer from His point of view instead of her own personal desires.
Kelly understands, as do most, that beginning anything is difficult, but when it comes to beginning a new prayer life, a new way of connecting to God, those first steps can be pretty intimidating. To help ease this transition, she states the following: “Prepare to let go of your traditional compass that points left, right, or straight. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned about inviting God to be part of my journey, it’s that “upside down” is a valid direction.”
It’s obvious that Kelly has a passion for God and desires to not only communicate with Him, but do it in a way that will strengthen her faith and trust in His direction. Added to that is her desire to help as many people she can have the kind of prayer life that she now enjoys, one that truly pulls her into the presence of God and a clearer understanding of His will for her life.
This book is wonderful and is a highly recommended purchase.
Dr. Jeff Krupinski 

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  1. Dr. Krupinski, thank you so much for the review! Many blessings, Kelly

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