Bible Review: The NIV Bible For Teen Girls


The NIV Bible For Teen Girls: Growing In Faith. Hope. Love., published by Zondervan, is a Bible designed specifically for teen girls with the purpose of enhancing their relationship with God.

Utilizing the New International Version, this Bible is easy for any teenage girl to read, gain knowledge, and be able to share her faith and trust in God. The 366 Daily Readings, written by popular Christian female authors, can be utilized as a daily devotional tool.

This Bible is filled with 50 insightful Character Profiles centered around the women of the Bible, thus allowing any teenage girl to be inspired by the trials, temptations, and victories that the women of the Bible traveled through.

The NIV Bible For Teen Girls also contains an expansive concordance, devotional and women of the Bible index, and topical index, thus making this a recommended Biblical tool for any teenage girl who is serious about her relationship with God.

Dr. Jeff Krupinski

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Book Review: Crash The Chatter Box


Crash The Chatterbox: Hearing God’s Voice Above All Others, Written by Steven Furtick, is a book designed to help its reader hear the voice of God above all the chatter that flows through their daily lives.

Every day, we all go into battle. Our battles are different from others, but they find commonality in that they wear upon our souls and minds while striving to penetrate our hearts. What are these battles? The majority of them are negative inner voices whose only purpose is to prevent us from reaching our full potential. While it is inevitable that we will all battle these voices that attack our hearts, rip at our souls and grip our minds, it is also inevitable that they can be defeated.

Steven uses this publication to equip his readers into understanding the power of the “Chatterbox,” but more importantly the power to hear the voice of God above the chatter. Steven offers practical, God centered, scripturally sound, advice that will, if implemented, help the reader become more focused on God and His desires for their lives.

This book is a wonderful read that offers unique advice to its readers, making it a valuable part of any Christian’s personal library. Thus it is a recommended purchase.

Dr. Jeff Krupinski

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Book Review: Walking With God In Seasons Of Motherhood


Walking With God In The Season Of Motherhood: An Eleven Week Devotional Bible Study, written by Melissa B. Kruger, is a publication that centers it’s purpose around encouraging a woman’s journey into and through motherhood.

Motherhood is sometimes a thankless position. Many mothers do not get the recognition that they deserve, but they continue to express their love with a heartfelt tenderness that can only come from a mother.  
During each week of the study,9 there are four days of study that are specific to the concerns of a mother. Each of these studies are backed scripturally with the scriptures present in the study to make it more convenient and easier to get the most out of the studying. 
This publication has a wonderful way of bringing its reader into a closer relationship with God. It will make a great gift for a mother of any age, thus it is a recommended purchase for that special mom within your life or any mother seeking to draw closer to God.      
Dr. Jeff Krupinski 

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Book Review: Rise


Rise: Bold Strategies To Transform Your Church, written by Cally Parkinson, with Nancy Scammacca Lewis, is a book that centers it existence and purpose around assisting its readers in the transformation of their local church.

This publication offers its readers research-based evidentiary information that describes the eight different “archetypes” or categories that describe the various types of churches. This evidence that is presented proves that every church falls into one of these archetypes/categories.
Rise describes each of these eight categories in great detail, thus allowing its readers to possess the ability to consider their own church in comparison to the details and come to the conclusion as to which category their own congregation will fall. 
This publication is designed to be utilized by church pastors as well as church leadership, but it would be helpful for any congregational member to pick up and absorb its knowledge. Thus it is a recommended purchase for those who are serious about transforming their church’s presence within the community. 
Dr. Jeff Krupinski

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