Book Review: Blessed, Blessed, Blessed

9781496405708Blessed, Blessed, Blessed: The Untold Story Of Our Family’s Fight To Love Hard, Stay Strong and Keep The Faith When Life Can’t Be Fixed, written by: Missy Robertson w/Beth Clark, is a book that strives to help its readers gain strength for their journey through life.

This book opens up a completely new understanding of Jase, Missy, and their little part of the Robertson clan. Upon these pages, readers will find the real life struggles and the joys of their faith that Missy and her family walked through during what were some difficult days for their marriage, their family, and their faith.

As the pages of this publication are turned, the Robertsons become more than a successful business and television family. They become real, more real than anyone ever could have imagined. As readers walk alongside of their family struggles, their hurts, their faith, they will no doubt grow in a multitude of ways, from the way they see their own families to how important they feel about their faith.

Also included are wonderful family pictures, pictures that pull the entire story behind the book into a more personal positon. These pictures reflect images of the beginning of Missy and Jase’s relationship, (which show a beardless Jase), to images of their growing family.

This book is HIGHLY recommended as a personal purchase and as a gift.

Dr. Jeff Krupinski

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