The NIrV Minecrafters Bible


Getting our children to read the Bible is essential to their growth and witness as Christians, but finding the resources to bring this idea to fruition is almost impossible, until now. Through the inspiration of the amazingly popular game Mindcraft, Zondervan has designed The Mindcrafters Bible.

This Bible contains all 66 books, Old & New Testaments, in the easy to understand, NIrV translation, a translation that is geared towards a younger audience. The amenities to this Bible are simple, as it is not designed to be an in depth study tool. Included inside are the following: a minute NIrV dictionary, defining a limited amount of words, and a section entitled Great Bible Stories. In this particular section readers can find a list of 92 important Biblical stories and their locations within the scriptures.

The central reasoning behind this Bible is centered around the 24, unofficial pages of content for gamers and fans of the game Mindcraft. Each colorfully illustrated page gives ideas of things that can be created within the game, based on stories within the Bible. One such example, found after page 952 and before page 953 centers around the Armor Of God. Along with a brief discussion about the Amor of God, including the scripture reference, the reader is then given and idea that can be utilized within the actual game, such as, in this case, creating the strongest suit of amor possible.

This Bible has the capability of turning a sluggish reader of scripture into one who turns its pages every day, thus it is a highly recommend for anyone, boy or girl, who loves to play Mindcraft.

Dr. Jeff Krupinski

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