Book Review: Answers To The Most Important Questions About The End Times


Answers to the Most Important Questions About the End Times, by Dr. John Hart, is a guide designed to help Christians understand the End Times more clearly.

Dr. Hart offers simple answers to questions about this topic, presenting facts included in the Bible. He also offers information regarding what the Bible does not include about the End Times.

Questions answered include the following: Why Should I Be Interested in Bible Prophecy?, Are There Signs That We Are in the End Times?, What is the Tribulation?, Will Christians Be Raptured and Escape the Tribulation?, How Can We Understand the Book of Revelation?, Who is the Antichrist?, What is the Role of Israel in the End Times?, What Nations Will Be in Power in the End Times?, What is Armageddon?, What is the Second Coming of Christ to the Earth?, What is the Millennium?, and What is the Final Judgment and the New Heaven and New Earth?

This was an interesting book. While I found some of the information confusing, Dr. Hart has clearly made every effort to simplify the topical content in an attempt to allow every understand the end times. The topics chosen are those that many routinely question.

I would recommend this book to anyone with unanswered questions about Biblical information regarding the End Times.

Dr. Jeff Krupinski

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Bible Review: Hidden In My Heart Scripture Memory Bible


Hidden In My Heart Scripture Memory Bible, published by Tyndale, is a Bible formulated to enhance your study and memorization of God’s Holy Scriptures.

While this is a New Living Translation, it also has some aspects of the New International Version, as well as The King James Version. These other versions are utilized with the 100 Core Memory Verses which allow the reader to choose which version of the verse they would like to memorize.

With the purchase of this Bible you are able to download 100 free songs in the above listed translations. These songs are designed to aid in the memorization of scripture, thus causing us to grow in our faith.

For those desiring an even deeper relationship with Jesus there are 136 Challenge Verses, Practical Notes, and Thematic Memory verse Plans, all of which are designed to help even the newest of Christians become more versed in scripture.

One feature that’s is going to be an amazing asset, especially to those just beginning to read through the Bible, is the Alphabetical Listing of the Bible Books. This feature will help even the most seasoned Christians navigate through the Bible books with ease.

This amazing Bible is filled with a plethora of tools designed to help the serious student of the scriptures grow in their faith, thus it is a recommended purchase.

Dr. Jeff Krupinski


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Bible Review: NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible


The NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible: Bringing To Life The Ancient World Of Scripture, published by Zondervan is a Bible that strives to bring life into familiar Bible stories.

The NIV Cultural Backgrounds Bible is filled with insights/explanations into Biblical customs, culture, and literature of from the Biblical eras which serve to bring clarity to the study of scripture. This feature is sure to bring us deeper into even the most familiar scriptures passages and Biblical stories.

There are over 300 in-depth articles on key contextual topics, 375 full-color photos, illustrations, and images from all around the world, dozens of colored maps, charts, and diagrams, verse-by-verse study notes, detailed book introductions, and much more, all of which are sure to increase our faith and solidify our relationship with Jesus.

This Bible is packed, from cover to cover, with the tools that every Christian needs to grow, thus it is a recommended purchase.

Dr. Jeff Krupinski

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