Book Review: Earth Psalms



Earth Psalms: reflections on how God speaks through nature, by Francine Rivers with Karin Stock Buursma, Published by Tyndale, is a book designed to bring growth into its reader’s relationship with Jesus.

Rivers strives to help people grow closer in their relationships with God as “God shows His power and majesty, His attention to detail, and His great and unfailing love for us” throughout nature.  She strives to help her readers understand that the Bible teaches lessons through many aspects of the natural world. For example, King David used “metaphors of sheep and pastures.”

Each devotion includes a writing by Francine Rivers, scripture, quotes, and song lyrics. At the end of each one, readers will find three sections, entitled Reflect, Apply, and Connect with God to assist in doing these very things.

This is a well-written and easy to read devotional, thus it is recommended for personal use or as a gift.

Dr. Jeff Krupinski

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Bible Review: NKJV Know The Word Study Bible


NKJV Know The Word Study Bible: Gain A Greater Understanding Of The Bible, published by Thomas Nelson, is a publication designed to enhance the relationship between its readers and their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

This Bible is designed to transform its readers into students of God’s Word. In others words, this Bible is designed to help Christians become engulfed with scriptures and utilize said scriptures to change their lives as well as the lives of those found in their inner circle of faith.

While this seems like a hefty task, the numerous features found in this Bible make it possible. Some of these features include: Three easy approaches to studying the Bible: Book by Book, Verse by Verse, Topic by Topic, Book introductions, Two-color interior page design, Comprehensive list of theological notes, as well as many others.

This Bible has the ability to powerfully enhance anyone’s study of God’s Word, thus it is a recommended purchase.

Dr. Jeff Krupinski

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In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day: Mark Batterson, Author

In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day, Author: Mark Batterson, Publisher: Multnomah, is a book centered around increasing your faith and expanding your relationship with God.

While this book looks like a quick read when you discover its minute 207 pages, the extent and depth of the content make it one that should be traveled through at a snail’s pace in order to receive all of the blessings it has to offer.

This book is amazing!! It guides you into understanding that your problems can be the perfect opening to lead you powerfully into the plan that God has in place for your life. Sometimes, when life gets difficult, its hard to see anything positive and/or productive birthing within our pain and torment, but Mark teaches that it is within these moments that God truly displays His presence and describes His will.

This book is one that you will not want to put down until the last page is turned. It is certainly a highly recommended purchase. 

Dr. Jeff Krupinski 

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