Bible Review: Investigator’s Holy Bible



NIV Investigator’s Holy Bible: Uncover The Truth Of The Bible, published by ZonderKidz, a division of Zondervan Publishing, is a Bible designed to enlarge the faith of today’s youth.

There is an ever-increasing amount of “Youth-Centered” Bibles being developed, and for good reason. Most kids have a difficult time reading and understanding the directives found in Bibles designed for adults.

ZonderKidz has designed a Bible that invites children to dive into the scriptures in a way that makes their learning fun and productive, by utilizing two mystery-solving characters that guide the reader through the various features present.

Some of these features include: Evidence – Bible book introductions that describe each book, who wrote it, what happens and highlights the best part. The Scene – descriptions highlighting geographical information. Check The Facts – quizzes designed to test the knowledge learned. And so much more.

This Bible has the ability to enlarge the faith of any child that is blessed to hold it within their hands, thus it is a recommended purchase for those special kids within your life.

Dr. Jeff Krupinski

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Bible Review: KJV Word Study Bible



The KJV Word Study Bible, published by Thomas Nelson, is a Bible that will bring about a positive change within the relationship between its reader and the Most Holy God.

For the people who want to understand the Bible more deeply in regards to its original languages but don’t possess the time or resources to see this to fruition, this Bible is a welcome sight. With its 1,700 Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek word studies, this Bible will help you gain a greater understanding of scripture.

Some of the many other resources that complement the Biblical language word studies included in this Bible are: the full text KJV version, Book introductions, In-text subheadings, Words in Christ in Red, Indexes by Strong’s number-by English word and book by book, Full color maps, and much more.

This Bible would make a wonderful asset in the hands of anyone who takes the need to understand scripture seriously, thus it is a highly-recommended purchase for personal use or as a gift.

Dr. Jeff Krupinski

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