Bible Review: NIV Journal Through The Word Reference Bible



NIV Journal Through The Word Reference Bible, published by Zondervan Bibles, is a Bible designed to capture the thoughts of its readers within the provided columns along side of the easy to read NIV text.

This Bible comes in a sturdy hardback cover and is filled with the easy to read comfort print designed to give a smoother, more focused reading experience. Many other features add to the impact of this Bible, such as: Side-column cross-reference system, elastic cover closure, a ribbon marker, and so much more.

This Bible comes with a 9.3-point print size which makes it easier on the eyes during and after studying the scriptures for an extended amount of time. And for those new to the scriptures, the Words of Jesus are presented in the color red.

To own this Bible is to own something that has the potential to powerfully benefit your study of God’s Word. Thus it is a recommended purchase, especially for those who love to write notes in their Bibles.

Dr. Jeff Krupinski

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Bible Review: NKJV Deluxe Reader’s Bible


NKJV Deluxe Reader’s Bible, published by Thomas Nelson, is a Bible designed to bring forth a positive impact into the lives of those blessed to have it within their possession.

Bibles have become inundated with various tools designed to enhance their readers’ study, but sometimes these can become a hindrance, pulling their readers away from the essential, life giving message of the Bible itself. The NKJV Deluxe Readers Bible is designed with simplicity, it is designed to allow those who turn its pages to read, enjoy, and embrace the Word of God.

This is a very unique Bible, especially as it is compared to others produced today. It offers an unfettered, undistracted look at the Word of God, and for that it is a recommended purchase.

Dr. Jeff Krupinski

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Review: When God Made Light



When God Made Light, written by: Matthew Paul Turner, illustrated by: David Catrow, is a marvelous book designed to open the hearts of little ones to the existence of creation.

Matthew brings this delightful book to life right from the beginning as he echos the words of God at the beginning of creation, “Let there be light.” He brings these words forth, one at a time, across several pages surrounded by amazing illustrations that bring the words to life.

Matthew carries his young readers and/or observers through this rhythmic presentation of the entrance of light and the various aspects of existence that the light interacts and/or creates within the world. His words are brought to life by the illustrations behind them, but they also create vivid images within the minds and hearts of his readers and/or observers.

David’s illustrations within this publication are amazing and possess the power to open the hearts of the little ones that are blessed to be gazing upon their beauty and inspiration. They are very pleasing to the eye and inspirational to the heart.

This is a delightful publication and is a recommended purchase for that special child within your life or for the expectant family getting ready to bless their new arrival.

Dr. Jeff Krupinski

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Book Review: Live Fearless, Sadie Robertson, author


Live Fearless: A Call To Power, Passion, And Purpose, written by Sadie Robertson with Beth Clark, published by Thomas Nelson, is a book that strives to help its readers discover how to live in a manner that reflects the power and glory of God

 Sadie is very open about her own her struggles with insecurity, comparison, and isolation, thus making this publication very powerful and personal. Her experiences, while traumatic and heart wrenching, will transform those who read her words and walk through her experiences.

 I was particularly touched by chapter 8, which is entitled: Pick Your Partner. In this chapter, Sadie shares her feelings about the numerous negative comments that were thrown her way while on Dancing With The Stars. To help her during this time, she asked herself the three powerful questions; “Whose voice is the loudest in my life? Whose lead is the strongest in my life? What’s my idea of winning?”

 Sadie states that these three questions were, “incredibly important in the development and identity of my faith.” These same questions, if taken seriously, can have a powerful impact on every Christians life.

 This is an amazing publication. It needs to find its way into the hands of anyone struggle with their Christian identity, even those whose lives appear to be a clear path at the moment, thus it is a recommended purchase.

 Dr. Jeff Krupinski

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